Backyard Kitchen & Tap Located in Pacific Beach, San Diego

Even in Pacific Beach — a neighborhood known for its sports bars — Backyard Kitchen & Tap proves itself a cut above the rest. Maybe it's the central location near the beach on Garnet that makes it great; or the fire pits and pet-friendly patio seating. Or maybe it's the standout cocktail program and award-winning craft beer list. We like to think it has something to do with its stellar burgers.

House Burgers Taking It to the Next Level

From Backyard BBQ to an assortment of mac and cheese dishes, the entire menu is made from scratch, and its burgers are no exceptions. During the 2017 Reader Burgers & Beer festival Backyard Kitchen wowed guests with a Greek-inspired burger featuring sliced cucumber, castelvetrano olive, and pepperoncini. But its house burgers take it to the next level, boasting the sort of steaky flavor that can only be accomplished with a blend of ribeye and brisket! Each rich patty is stacked up on a fresh a Bread & Cie brioche bun, whether you stick to the signature BKYD Burger, featuring locally farmed tomatoes and crisp iceberg lettuce; or indulge in the AleHouse burger, topped with beer cheese, onion rings, and cherrywood smoked bacon.