Lambs, beets, and burgers in one Dunedin place

We’re not sure what might make a New Zealand burger different from a regular one, but this stylish North Park outpost of the growing Queenstown Public family of restaurants fields a few uncanny suspects. We could presume the standard bearer is the Queenstown Fave: organic grass-fed beef served with, of all cheeses, Edam. But then, listed among the NZ Faves section of the Dunedin Kiwi eatery is the Shiela’s Cracked, which tops the same burger with fried egg and beets. If creativity is the hallmark, the Kiwilango is one of the city’s most unique burger creations due to topping combination of jalapeño, blue cheese, and hot sauce, but the tortilla chips added for crunch suggest a little local influence. And for certain, DNP’s grass-fed burger topped with bacon and avocado is a nod to Californian appetites.

A New Zealand State of Mind

It’s possible the New Zealand burger ideal is so quirky it doesn’t need beef. DNP offers a wild boar burger topped with roasted peppers, both pesto, and fresh basil, and melted mozzarella cheese. That might not be authentic Kiwi, but it’s definitely unique. Perhaps if none of the standout burgers above put you in a New Zealand state of mind, what you’re really after is the restaurant’s signature bare lamb burger, which dresses a patty of New Zealand raised lamb with mint jelly, blue cheese, and beets. Welcome to one of San Diego’s most distinctive burger destinations.