Indian Joe Brewing Bigger and Better Than Ever

Once a cult favorite nano-brewery in Vista, real estate issues forced this native-American owned beer company to take a two-year hiatus in 2015, but Indian Joe Brewing came roaring back last year, bigger and better than ever. In a new, two-story location just off highway 78, Indian Joe increased brewing capacity from the 20-gallon homebrewer’s system it started out on, to a bona fide, stainless steel, commercial-grade, 15-barrel brewhouse.

Indian Joe’s Award-Winning Brew Team in Vista, CA

The boosted scale allows the brewery to produce more refined beer in greater quantities, and to distribute its flagship IPA and witbier in cans around town. However, the larger tanks haven’t diminished the creativity at play by Indian Joe’s award-winning brew team, and customers may still choose from a lengthy list of diverse brews, ranging from light beers to dark, from hoppy beers to fruited kettle sours, and sweet pastry stouts to the occasional barrel-aged creations.

Recent offerings include the bold Big Sexy double IPA, a hibiscus prickly pear lime sour, and chocolate hazelnut milk stout. As many tastes as the brewery can accommodate, darn near everything it makes goes well with burgers. Go figure.