The Lost Abbey Tasting Room in San Marcos, CA

First to introduce the idea that the centuries-old beer traditions of Trappist Belgian monks could work in a San Diego craft beer setting, this San Marcos brewery started something beautiful. Led by its many, many time award-winning brewer Tomme Arthur, The Lost Abbey has become one of the best recognized names in San Diego beer, internationally.

Any and all high praise has been earned. Lost Abbey consistently produces stellar beers that live up to the exacting standards of its Belgian forebears, whether it's a deceptively simple farmhouse style ale, or a once every three year, barrel aged sour blend that beer fans travel across the country to buy.

For starters, The Lost Abbey's Belgian blonde, Devotion, was made to drink well with lighter, spicier fare than a burger, but the dry, subtly hoppy ale tastes great next to anything. For more savory burgers, try the brewery's Lost & Found, a bigger than it tastes Belgian dubbel. The 8-percent ABV beer offers an almost chocolaty malt finish made interesting by complex, dried fruit character.

But to really dig into The Lost Abbey's use of fruit, go for the summer seasonal Framboise de Amarosa, which ages the Lost & Found ale for a year in red wine barrels, then doses it heavily with fresh raspberries. It's smooth, sour perfection.