There's a certain satisfaction in bitterness. But we won’t let the cup of life pass us by untasted - especially if it’s full of frothy irreverence. Nope, the glass is always half full at Bitter Brothers Brewing Company, our brand new 3,200-square-foot production brewery and tasting room in the Napa Valley of craft beer: San Diego, California. So who are the Bitter Brothers, you ask? Bill Warnke, the older “Bitter Brother” and Kurt Warnke, the younger “Bitter Brother” are two brothers from the Midwest who grew up bitter and remained so until they discovered the joys of great craft beer. And so began the brothers' quest to provide the same social experience to others. Bitter Brothers produces distinct brews ranging in hop character, flavor and style. Sip and (hopefully) savor one in our tasting room. Or better yet, try them all - we won’t judge. In fact, we’ll respect you more. Because at Bitter Brothers, we believe you’re only as good as the great beer you drink. So fill up more than halfway and join us on our journey to make bitter even better.