Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers in the Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego

Obviously, these guys have chosen to embrace the dream pairing of burgers and beer by making it a focus of their growing family of locations throughout the southwest. The casual addition to the Gaslamp Quarter operates as a sports bar, featuring more than a dozen screens and over 150 cold beer options. But the main attractions are more than twenty kinds of made from scratch burgers, hand formed with juicy ground beef (replaced with turkey or black bean veggie patty, if that’s your thing).

Handcrafted Burger Options

Along with all the burger standards, special options include a ground prime rib burger; the Juicy Lucy-fer, featuring a pepper jack and jalapeño stuffed patty drenched in Buffalo sauce; the PB&J Bacon, featuring grape jelly and creamy peanut butter; a mac’n’cheese topped burger; and the O-Lineman, which replaces the restaurant’s standard brioche bun with a pair of sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches. If you somehow eat your way through all of these and still want something more elaborate, embrace the option to build your own and go wild!