ACE Premium Craft Ciders: Producing Hard Cider for 25 Years

Though located in Northern California’s wine country, family-owned brand ACE Cider has been in the business of producing hard cider for 25 years. Credit their use of champagne yeast for keeping their line of ciders dry and refreshingly crisp. With the exception of its tasty, honeyed cider, Ace products add no sugars that don’t naturally from the fruit.

Nine Tasty ACE Cider Flavors to Choose From

Of course, most of that fruit comes from apples, but not all of it. Ace offers a perry — that is, a cider supplemented with pears in addition to apples. The brand also features a bevy of terrific apple ciders flavored with the likes of pineapple, pumpkin, and mixed berries. They vary in sweetness and range from tangy to juicy. Don’t let the abundance of options stress yourself out too much; while it can be hard to be a hard cider decider, it’s tough to go wrong picking any of Ace’s flavors.