Giving new meaning to the term “big burger fan”

Setting the comfort food standard in Shelter Island, Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern offers a wide assortment of attractive burger options, and each possesses its own appetizing charms. But all of these beauties start off with one huge thing in common: a half pound, sirloin burger patty, formed with naturally raised beef from the Pacific Northwest. 

The Famous Cheeseburger

The Famous Cheeseburger keeps it simple, with thousand island, American cheese, and the standard veggie toppings. But the signature Jimmy Burger takes it up a notch, factoring in smoked bacon and jalapeno jelly on a burger slathered with pimento cheese. But arguably the biggest standout is the irresistible Cowboy Burger, which sticks to good old cheddar as well as bacon, green chilies, BBQ sauce, and the thickest, most massive onion ring you’ve ever seen. S

tack any of these burgers atop a pillowy soft, buttery, honey sweetened, sesame seeded Parker House bun, and it’s not hard to see what gives this place the ‘famous’ moniker. Take a photo, to better remember that time you ate the whole darn thing.