South American inspiration, San Diego brewed at Novo Brazil Brewing

Every bit as colorful as its name suggests, Novo Brazil Brewing operates out in East Lake area of Chula Vista, but its backstory comes from farther afield. Novo Brazil has a true connection to its namesake South American nation, the familial home of its founders, who each operated an award-winning craft brewery there before joining forces to join the beer scene of their adopted home here in San Diego. Many of Novo Brazil’s recipes originated with their extensive brewing network back home, where flavor preferences range from chocolaty to tropical.

International Award Winning, Southern California Brewery

One of their best beers is the big and richly complex Corvo Negro imperial stout, also available bourbon barrel aged. But most of Novo’s beers go more refreshing, including The Mango Beer IPA, the crisply dry-hopped Chula Pils lager, the food-friendly Rio pale ale, and a series of single, double, and triple hazy IPAs. Particularly if you like pineapple on your burger, Novo Brazil offers a great beer to pair with it.