Kiwi-Inspired Casual Eatery Offering Burgers and Beers

While the hamburger may be a distinctly American food, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t captured the imagination of the world. One only needs to look to Ocean Beach to find a restaurant to show us how other nations have fallen in love with the burger concept, then offered their own take in return. In this case, the country is New Zealand, and the restaurant is Raglan Public House, a Kiwi-inspired casual eatery offering burgers and beers every day of the week.

100-Percent Organic, Grass-fed Beef

Beginning with 100-percent organic, grass-fed beef, at first blush, Raglan’s burgers don’t seem all too different from higher-quality American versions. But look closer and you’ll find subtle differences, including fresh focaccia style buns, and use of Edam rather than cheddar or American cheese (though both are an option should you prefer them). You may also enjoy a burger topped by house-made tomato chutney, fried egg, and beet. But for the most down under burger style imaginable, check out the lamb burger: ground leg of lamb dressed with blue cheese and mint jelly. It’s practically un-American, but delicious proof that burgers are beloved on the other side of the planet.