Ocean Beach Brewery Endless Summer

The namesake brewery of Ocean Beach crafts beers specifically to be tasted within view of the OB Pier. The three-level brewpub offers food, games, and cocktails, but its main draw (besides the beer) is a rooftop deck with a clear view of the neighborhood’s famous sunsets. 

By stairs or by elevator, make your way to that roof to sample the brewery’s flagship beer, Long Time Coming. It’s a crisp take on a cream ale, with flavor and texture added by subtle additions of agave syrup and flaked corn, respectively. The crushable beach-friendly beer is a perfect companion to Ocean Beach’s endless summer, as well as the house burger.

Rotating Beer Styles 

Other rotating beer styles come and go, including several you don’t often get to drink in San Diego, such as an English dark mild ale, or a smoked porter. If you’re lucky you’ll come across OB Brewery’s Great American Beer Festival silver medal winner, Hidden Gem, representing a German style called dunkelweizen, an amber wheat beer with delicate notes of banana and clove. That one goes with summer, burgers, and anything else you care to eat while soaking up a little sun and sea breeze.