The HP Burger at Hundred Proof

If you ever catch yourself thinking that all burgers look like, cast your eyes on the HP Burger offered by the University Heights bar and grill, Hundred Proof. You will love the double-stack of cooked to order burger patties, thrill at the glaze of English cheddar melting over and between them, and feel pretty righteous about the steak knife speared through the top of its fluffy and fresh brioche bum.

The Master Touch of the HP Logo

Shredded iceberg lettuce and diced red onions contribute crisp texture, pickles add a tangy burst of acid, and the garlicky aioli helps you sink even deeper into each savory, charry bite. But it’s the master touch of the HP logo, seared into the top of that bun that lets you know this kitchen thought of everything. These burgers go great with beer, one of the bar’s terrific craft cocktails, or its signature artisanal milkshakes, made with or without the addition of booze!